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Ocloc A Shingleback
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Ocloc A posts have proven to be a strong and economical trellis system. High tensile steel along with a premium Galfan coating allows for extended durability. Ocloc A are available for VSP or TWS trellis structures with multiple wire positions easily accessed and relocated. Due to the toxicity of treated wooden posts, responsible viticulturalists have moved to steel trellis, having a lower carbon footprint and greater longevity. Ocloc A is 1.8mm HT steel, Galfan coated, 86mm wide to alleviate fruit /cane crowding. Rounded edging reduces wear on picking rods and lowers catching potential for machine pruners. Made in Australia, 100% carbon offset, low carbon footprint and more ecologically mature for sympathetic growers.

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Ocloc LOGOS-A+SpineHoles-10.jpg

Ocloc A plus spine holes is a support post for repair of broken posts for those growers who prefer to leave the broken wooden post in place but have the Ocloc post for support & the future. This Ocloc System alleviates the stock piling of treated pine on site together with easy installation and no need for wire removal, faster and far more economical than traditional trellis maintenance. 

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OCLOC A + Spine Holes
Ocloc LOGOS-AK.jpg

Ocloc AK is a retro fitted clip system to allow for the use of a cane pruning machines, plus inhand lifting
or other mechanical release systems. It slots into either of the Ocloc profile posts held in place with
a small screw. 


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Ocloc B is a narrower 75mm. profile post specifically engineered for narrow plantings and crop loads below 10t ha. Available in specific forms for VSP or TWS trellis wire structures with a multitude of wire positions easily accessed and shifted. Responsible viticulture has moved toward steel a lower carbon footprint option and greater ecologica ladvantage. Ocloc B is 1.8mm High Tensile steel and Galfan coated for longevity.