Ocloc Product Index

Vineyard Trellis Posts

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86mm wide, Line Post

86mm wide, Line Post + Spine Holes

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75mm wide, Narrow Line Post

Ocloc C Logo.jpg

75mm wide, Light Weight Line Post

Ocloc W Logo.jpg

100mm wide, Heavy Duty First in Line Post

Vineyard Strainers

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Vineyard Repair Systems

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Ocloc TM Logo.jpg

Wooden Post Repair System - 3 sizes

Wooden Post Repair System - 3 lengths

Metal Post Repair System

- Also available in the USA

Metal Post Repair System

- Available in the USA only

Vineyard Accessories

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Ocloc RH Logo.jpg

Netting Cap - 2 types - oval & domed

Clip for mechanical pruning & wire lifting

Anti Sink Plate


Jack hammer ramming attachment head

Ramming Heads

Rural Posts

Ocloc AR Logo Full.jpg

86mm wide, Rural Line Post

Ocloc BR Logo - Full.jpg

75mm wide, Narrow Rural Line Post

Ocloc WR Logo - Full.jpg

100mm wide, Heavy Duty First in Rural Line Post