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Welcome to the Ocloc Trellis System website.


Designed, engineered and manufactured in Edwardstown South Australia. Ocloc is Australian made.


Ocloc has the complete range of trellis requirements from free standing strainers and line posts, with soft rounded wire holes requiring no clips.

Ocloc is a strong steel system for new vineyard developments and cost-effective maintenance and replacement of broken wooden trellis posts.


Ocloc products are Galfan coated for the ultimate corrosive resistance. (For further information, please visit our drop down Galfan information tab.)


Ocloc manufactures a range of repair systems for both wooden and steel trellis posts, including strainers. Ocloc has a range of economical solutions for an array of trellis problems without the chemical transfer or leaching related to treated posts.


Ocloc systems can support the largest of crop loads and maintain integrity in exposed and high wind shear areas plus Ocloc is ideal for organic vineyards, alleviating work place safety issues and PPE.


The Ocloc System begins with the Ocloc S Strainer for exceptional strength and support to the line posts of Ocloc A, B, C & W, available in various sizes and applications.


All Ocloc products are protected by either patents or design registrations both in Australia and Internationally.

IMG_4224 (2).jpg

Soft rounded wire holes,

no clips required


Nigel & Brian: Thank you again for the professional way that your organisation has assisted with the design and supply of trellising for our latest vineyard development. In particular, thank you for your personal attention.

With over 100ha of established vineyard, that has all been designed and constructed internally, we wanted to make the final stage of our Estate Vineyard a special one. Our goal was to utilise state-of-the-art materials and practices. So, we revisited many aspects of our traditional design including trellis materials. Our existing vineyard includes various types of treated timber posts with some blocks utilising thin steel droppers between the timber posts.

For trellising of the new development, we took into account: best practice vine support and training, Canopy Management, mechanical harvesting, Strength and durability of the vine posts and end-assemblies, Ease and speed of installation, Cost of supply and installation, Carbon footprint of materials, Sustainability (including the downstream issue of disposal of 'treated posts'), the potential for this block to be managed as organic.

The Ocloc system ticked all the boxes. The unexpected bonus was how SPECTACULAR the new development looks, and how many people stop to take photos. Let's hope we don't cause traffic-jams on the Victor Harbor Highway over Xmas.

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