The Hon Paul Caica MP - September 2010

"South Australia's Strategic Plan seeks to reduce all waste to landfill by 25% by 2014, and through Zero Waste SA, the State Government has worked with industry, government and the community on strategies for waster avoidance, reduction, reuse and recycling." - Read More

Andrew Buttery, Gemtree Vineyards - September 2010

"This is just what the industry has needed, long term cost reduction and environmental improvements, which in turn will lead to the long term sustainability..." - Read More

Manufacture Certificates from Trident - August 2010

"Trident Plastics (SA) Pty Ltd have the following quality certification and attached are the certificates of registration: Environmental Management system to AS/NZS 140001:2004, Quality Management system to ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management system to ISO TS16949:2002" - Read More

Martin Lightfoot, Hastwell & Lightfoot Vineyards - October 2010

"We bought Oclocs as soon as I saw them early this year. The product makes so much good sense. Our old routine was walk through the vineyard locating broken posts, flagging them, cutting the staples, removing the post, putting out replacements, ilamming them and then restapling.. Now, its come across a broken post while doing other work, flag it and then Ocloc it." - Read More

Richard Mason, Shaw & Smith Vinyards - September 2010

"After the first day of trialling the Ocloc’s, we noticed an immediate benefit of this system of post repair over our old method – speed. The installation of the Ocloc’s is simple, straight forward and effective. A job which used to take two men several weeks has been reduced to one man taking several days, with the obvious benefit of reduced labour costs." - Read More